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But the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.
                                                Daniel 11:32b

How much time do we spend being our authentic self vs being who others think we should be or who our parents think we should be? A few years ago, upon my journey of self-discovery, I realized that I had spent many years being who other people expected me to be than being my authentic self. I completed this 40-Day Soul Fast by Cindy Trimm, which opened up the inner world of myself- principles and standards I'd been taught since childhood, cultural experiences, my perspective of the world around me based on personal experiences, etc. I realized as I was on this journey that a lot of things that I was taught to believe growing up, I didn't really believe. I had adopted the belief system of my parents without questioning its merit. Don't get me wrong, my parents are good people. They raised us the best way they could. But I have come to learn that a lot of things they taught me, were based on standards and principles that were derived from their experiences in the world and not necessarily the entire world itself.

In the above scripture, there are three words that has help enlightened me as I continue my journey of self-discovery: know,be,do. Developing a relationship with God-getting to know Him on a consistent basis, has helped me rest in who I am according to Him. I have this confidence and assurance that though flawed and all, I have His love and His love never fails. Knowing this allows me to be strong-to stand up for what I believe based on what I have learned from His Word and to do great things because I have a clearer understanding of His will for my life. I no longer have to be bound by the opinions of others because I know God's thoughts are good towards me; thoughts of peace and not evil, to give me an expected end (see Jeremiah 29:11). I find comfort and rest in this truth.

What's your truth? What keeps you from being true to you? What or who have you traded authenticity for? Ponder these questions. Ask God to help you discover who you really are. Allow His Word to be the blueprint for your life. In doing so, you will discover a freedom that you have never experienced before. Be Blessed!

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Jessica Tate on Monday, November 20, 2017 9:24 AM
I believe that this is a challenge for people, both young and old. For a while I did try to circle myself around what I thought others wanted me to be. It became so confusing when I was finding myself because I was trying to separate what I thought I was, what others thought about me, and what God said that I am. I made a choice to only focus on what God thought, I even went against what I thought about myself. I am still finding myself, but I am at peace because I know that God knows who I am and I have a great connection with Him. Having a connection with the one who created you makes it easier for you to learn, realize and accept who you really are. Great topic!
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