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What Does Your Room(s) Say About You?

For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace... I Corinthians 14:33
I once told my Sunday School class of teenagers that I can tell a lot about the stage of life they are in according to the way they keep their room. For example, if the room is clean and tidy, then that person has organized and priorities their daily responsibilities. If the room has things laying around-not put in its proper place, that person is have some difficulty managing their daily responsibilities and needs to prioritize them. If they room appears to be clean, but everything is shoved under the bed or stuff in their closet, then that person has an inner secret; on the outside they appear to be find, but on the inside, they are experiencing some inner chaos or confusion. If the room has clutter, that person is overwhelmed by daily responsibilities. He/she has taken on too much which has caused him/her to not complete anything-hence the room being cluttered. The clutter represents good intentions; all the things that they intend to do but haven't, so each project or task gets tossed aside, yet they continue to take on more.
When I told this to my student's, they were astounded. They wanted to know how I knew about their personal lives. I told them that besides the fact that I too was once a teenager, that their bedroom was the only room in their house that was considered their own, it represented them. With that being said, you expressed who you really are in your personal environment. So whatever you are experience in a particular stage in your life, it will be expressed in that environment-which happens to be their bedroom.
Just as that was true with my teenage students, so is it with us. Whatever confusion we are having in our lives, will show up in our home; whether it's our personal relationships(clutter in the bedroom), or in our families(clutter in the living room). Wherever the clutter is in your life, check your rooms. They represent you.
A cluttered environment is a sign of a cluttered, confused soul. De-clutter your environment so that you can de-clutter your life. BE BLESSED!

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