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Question For Today

I was reading this book called Devotions for the God Girl and I came across some interesting questions. As I used them to do a self-evaluation of myself, I thought that I would share them with you in hope that you would do the same. Don't allow the questions to intimidate you or make you upset; instead, embrace them and allow them to make you aware of actions you may not have noticed.
Q. Who are you when noone is looking?
Q. Who are you when the people you are with can't do anything for you?
Q. Do you notice a different character than the one that shows itself when the spotlights are on or the popular people are around?
Note: Who you are in your most unimpressive moments is who you truly are.
Your true character is revealed when you show true faith when you aren't in the spotlight or when noone important is looking on.
Thought For Today: The test of your faith is not in the amazing moments but in the boring and mundane ones.
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